Oscar Mayer - Talent Search

January 28, 1996 | 1:00

Super Bowl XXX was the first of two big game games where big-game newcomer Oscar Mayer sponsored the halftime show and used its expensive ad time to recap a months-long talent search. Auditioning kids could either sing the "Oscar Mayer Wiener Jingle," the one that goes "Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener,” or the company's "Bologna Song," the one that spells your bologna’s first and last name. The kids’ amateur performances here make a cute contrast with the power of that year’s halftime performer, Diana Ross.

The agency on the campaigns, longtime Oscar Mayer shop J. Walter Thompson, also originated the songs -- the first one in a different kind of contest. Oscar Mayer didn’t hire a new creative shop until 2006, when it tapped WPP sibling Ogilvy & Mather to take over.

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile also turned up in Super Bowl XXX’s Mail Boxes Etc. ad “Top Dog.”

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  • BrandOscar Mayer
  • Year1996
  • AgencyJ. Walter Thompson
  • Superbowl #XXX
  • Quarter aired