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Advertising Age is the leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation for the marketing and media community. Ongoing coverage of strategic topics like CMO Strategy and data-driven marketing is complemented by breaking news on digital, social media and more. The 85-year-old media brand also produces industry rankings including the 200 Leading National Advertisers report, Agency A-List and the annual Agency Report.


    • Publisher Josh Golden

      Josh Golden

    • Assistant to publisher Meilyn A. Castillo

      Meilyn A. Castillo

      Assistant to publisher


    • Editor Ken Wheaton

      Ken Wheaton

    • Executive Editor Nat Ives

      Nat Ives

      Executive Editor
    • Deputy Editor Judann Pollack

      Judann Pollack

      Deputy Editor
    • Senior Editor Zharmer Hardimon

      Zharmer Hardimon

      Senior Editor
    • Web/Newsletter Editor Catherine Gin

      Catherine Gin

      Web/Newsletter Editor


    • Director of Data Analytics Bradley Johnson

      Bradley Johnson

      Director of Data Analytics
    • Director of Data Management Kevin Brown

      Kevin Brown

      Director of Data Management
    • Senior Research Editor Catherine Wolf

      Catherine Wolf

      Senior Research Editor
    • Research Editor Kim Bauer

      Kim Bauer

      Research Editor

Member Content

    • Editor Ann Marie Kerwin

      Ann Marie Kerwin


Editors at large

    • The Media Guy Simon Dumenco

      Simon Dumenco

      The Media Guy
    • Personal Products/Research Jack Neff

      Jack Neff

      Personal Products/Research


    • Media Jeremy Barr

      Jeremy Barr

    • Senior Reporter Agencies, Ad/Marketing Tech Alexandra Bruell

      Alexandra Bruell

      Senior Reporter Agencies, Ad/Marketing Tech
    • Creativity Editor Ann-Christine Diaz

      Ann-Christine Diaz

      Creativity Editor
    • Asia Editor Angela Doland

      Angela Doland

      Asia Editor
    • London Editor Emma Hall

      Emma Hall

      London Editor
    • Creativity U.K. CorrespondentAlexandra Jardine

      Alexandra Jardine

      Creativity U.K. Correspondent
    • Data and Analytics Kate Kaye

      Kate Kaye

      Data and Analytics
    • Agencies, Mobile Maureen Morrison

      Maureen Morrison

      Agencies, Mobile
    • Retail, Finance Adrianne Pasquarelli

      Adrianne Pasquarelli

      Retail, Finance
    • Media Jeanine Poggi

      Jeanine Poggi

    • Chicago Bureau Chief E.J. Schultz

      E.J. Schultz

      Chicago Bureau Chief
    • Ad-Tech, Consumer Electronics George Slefo

      George Slefo

      Ad-Tech, Consumer Electronics
    • Agencies, PR Lindsay Stein

      Lindsay Stein

      Agencies, PR
      Lindsay Stein
    • Global Editor Laurel Wentz

      Laurel Wentz

      Global Editor
    • Food Jessica Wohl

      Jessica Wohl

      Jessican Wohl


    • Art Director Erik Basil Spooner

      Erik Basil Spooner

      Art Director
    • Deputy Art Director Jennifer Chiu

      Jennifer Chiu

      Deputy Art Director
    • Digital Content Producer Chen Wu

      Chen Wu

      Digital Content Producer


    • Video Production Manager Nathan Skid

      Nathan Skid

      Video Production Manager
    • Associate Multimedia Producer David Hall

      David Hall

      Associate Multimedia Producer

Online Product Development


    • Senior Director, Events & Conferences Tina Marchisello

      Tina Marchisello

      Senior Director, Events & Conferences
    • Senior Manager, Events Marketing Tracy Keller

      Tracy Keller

      Senior Manager, Events Marketing
    • Senior Events Manager Candace Hanson

      Candace Hanson

      Senior Events Manager
    • Events Editor Anna Sekula

      Anna Sekula

      Events Editor
    • Event Content Manager Rocquan Lucas

      Rocquan Lucas

      Event Content Manager
    • Associate Manager Events Danielle DeLuca

      Danielle DeLuca

      Associate Manager Events

Advertising, Sponsorship & Insights Sales

    • Ad Director Jackie Ramsey

      Jackie Ramsey

      Ad Director
    • Senior Manager, Client Partnerships Alex McGrath

      Alex McGrath

      Senior Manager, Client Partnerships
    • Senior Manager, Client Partnerships Becky Gibson

      Becky Gibson

      Senior Manager, Client Partnerships
    • Senior Manager, Client Partnerships Brent Rupp

      Brent Rupp

      Senior Manager, Client Partnerships
    • Senior Account Executive Jonathan Toback

      Jonathan Toback

      Senior Account Executive
      • Tel: 212.210.0127
    • Senior Account Executive, Agency Relations Karla Jordan

      Karla Jordan

      Senior Account Executive, Agency Relations

Sales Marketing

    • Director, Sales Marketing Kerri Ross

      Kerri Ross

      Director, Sales Marketing
    • Senior Marketing Programs Manager Emily Chiang

      Emily Chiang

      Senior Marketing Programs Manager
    • Marketing Programs Manager Eniko Skintej

      Eniko Skintej

      Marketing Programs Manager
    • Associate Marketing Producer Diane Firmalino

      Diane Firmalino

      Associate Marketing Producer

Content Strategy Studio

    • Editorial Director Karen Egolf

      Karen Egolf

      Editorial Director

Marketing & Audience Development

    • Audience Development Director Chris Cunniffe

      Chris Cunniffe

      Audience Development Director
    • Senior Audience Development Manager Maria Giatrakis

      Maria Giatrakis

      Senior Audience Development Manager

Advertising Production

    • Prepress/Production Director Simone Pryce

      Simone Pryce

      Prepress/Production Director


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