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Super Bowl Alert: Wendy's Got Beef, Celebs Take Over Alexa

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Sprint's Evelyn is learns to take selfies in a teaser for the telco's Super Bowl ad.
Sprint's Evelyn is learns to take selfies in a teaser for the telco's Super Bowl ad.  Credit: Sprint


Wendy's is returning to the Super Bowl and slamming McDonald's in the process. Here's the situation: Wendy's uses fresh beef for all of its burgers, and says it always has. McDonald's, meanwhile, is set to nationally introduce fresh beef patties for only some of its burgers this year, Jessica Wohl reports. Watch the spot here.


The star of Sprint's Super Bowl ad is a robot named Evelyn. The company released two teasers on Wednesday, introducing Evelyn—in one she learns to take a selfie and in another she learns how to take brunch pictures. Watch them both here.

Celebs take over Alexa

Cardi B, Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson and Sir Anthony Hopkins take over for Alexa when she loses her voice in Amazon's Super Bowl ad. Ramsay berates a guy asking for a grilled cheese recipe. And if you ask to play music, Cardi B only delivers "Bodak Yellow."

They're backkkk

We can all breath a sigh of relief. After scaring us with the thought that the Clydesdales won't be in Budweiser's Super Bowl commercial, the beer giant will trot them out, at least for a few seconds. The horses will appear in a five-second bumper ad that directs viewers to a live cam of the Clydesdales.

Defying gravity

For those of you prophesizing the possible decline in Super Bowl ratings following some struggles with NFL viewership, prophesy again. The Super Bowl is likely to continue to defy gravity even as the rest of TV succumbs, as Anthony Crupi shows in these three striking charts.

Tell it

Michelob Ultra released its second Super Bowl spot today, which features a remake of the song "I Like Beer," which was re-recorded by country music singer Jon Pardi. Watch it here.

Keanu, just Keanu and only Keanu

Squarespace released its Super Bowl ad on Tuesday night and its just Keanu Reeves surfing on a motorcycle. If you are waiting for something else to happen, you can stop watching. Reeves says some inspirational messages about going after your dreams, but that's about it. (He is doing his own stunt though).

Laugh out loud

One of the funnier Super Bowl ads released thus far comes from Avocados From Mexico. The spot shows a group of people who have created a bubbled world, sealing good things like avocados in with them and locking out the bad. The idyll can't last, of course, and chaos ensues when the bubblers realize that someone forgot to bring in the chips for their guac. Eventually they figure out some other ways to eat avocados.

Ad Age spoke to Kevin Hamilton, senior director of marketing at Avocados From Mexico for a special edition of the Ad Lib podcast. From our conversation: "One of the things we cannot afford to do that I think a lot of other brands can afford to do is use the Super Bowl as an attention-grabbing mechanism only. I think often times you see that it gets people talking about the brand and it is only an awareness brand. For us we cannot afford to do that. We just don't have the, if nothing else, the financial wherewithal to only do that during such an expensive time. So we have over the years tried to do two things, an awareness component and also a message about the brand or product or both."

Elsehwere around the web, The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the history of the Super Bowl ads in this video. It's hard to remember a time when the advertising wasn't so competitive – but there was.

Pepsi is turning two of its iconic Super Bowl spots into virtual reality experiences, Adweek reports. One is the 1992 ad featuring Cindy Crawford (which will also be remade for this year's game) and the other is a 1998 ad starring Jeff Gordon.

In other football news: Fox is paying $3 billion for rights to "Thursday Night Football."

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