The Onion Offers the Definitive Explanation of the Economics of Online Publishing

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In a post headlined "Report: We Don't Make Any Money If You Don't Click The Fucking Link," The Onion this morning published what may be the definitive explanation of the economics of online publishing, particularly as it relates to social media. The unbylined post from "America's Finest News Source" begins,

Informing readers that it was one of the sole means for a digital publication to generate revenue, a report released Thursday indicated that The Onion doesn't make any money if you don't click the fucking link. "According to our findings, The Onion doesn't receive a single goddamn cent unless you dipshits out there on social media move your cursor over to the link and visit the goddamn website," the report read in part ...

I could quote more from the post, but you should really read it in full (it's not long at all). You can do that by clicking on this fucking link.

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