About the LookBook

About the Directory

The Ad Age LookBook is the first tool in the industry to integrate a directory product into the premium content sites of Ad Age and Creativity.  This tool enhances the user experience by creating a more in-depth look at the companies we cover and provides agencies the ability to show off their robust offering within the context of AdAge.com in the way they choose. 

How it Works

All agencies in our database are listed in the LookBook with a basic profile that includes agency name, address, specialties, annual revenue, size and a feed of the latest news and work on Ad Age and Creativity. Premium listings allow the agency to expand that page to include latest reels, a list of executives, photos, blogs and other customizable information to allow marketers and agency partners to learn more about the agency’s capabilities.

Premium listings are available for all agencies including holding companies, worldwide networks, specialty agencies, small agencies and regional agency offices.

Steps to Updating or Upgrading your Profile 

  1. Create a login (link to login page). Use an email address that matches the domain name of your agency.
  2. You will receive an email to verify your registration
  3. Follow link and login to LookBook (your account will now be verified)
  4. You will have the option to associate agency to your email address or create a new agency.  If your email address matches up with the domain name of the agency you are looking to claim you can complete the association.  If you are creating an agency that does not currently appear in the LookBook database select new agency and enter the relevant information. (New agencies will be approved within 24-hours and you will be alerted via email)
  5. Once you’ve associated your agency click “Manage Listing” to begin editing your profile.  Free profiles feature address, URL, one location and one specialty field.    

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What's an "Agency Profile"?

A. An agency profile is a dedicated page on Ad Age’s LookBook that provides marketers a way to search and learn more about prospective partners.  Each profile is linked to any related news and work across the Advertising Age and Creativity sites and shares agency address, region, specialty and size. The advertising agency has control over profile content and can make changes at any time.

Q. What's a "Premium Agency Profile"?

A. Agencies use a Premium Profile to accentuate their profiles with an advertising agency’s recent news, contact information, personnel, agency description and philosophy  unlimited creative work, including reels and case studies; as well as client testimonials, new business announcements, client rosters, core competencies and more. Premium Profiles enjoy higher visibility in search results and throughout the site including featured listings curated by Advertising Age and promoted throughout. Most recently updated agency profiles will be promoted across LookBook.

Q. Does having a premium agency profile matter?

A. Advertising Age is the marketing community’s number one resource for information that helps marketers be smarter about doing their jobs.  When searching for a new agency they come to our content to understand recent agency wins, agency specialties, get to know top executives at agencies award wins and what the latest trends in agency/marketer relationships are.  LookBook extends that information by providing them a repository of thousands of agency brands, premium profiles ensure that your agency will rise to the top of search results and there is a wealth of information about your agency to help guide a marketers decision making.

Q. How are agencies selected to be included in “Featured Agency”?

A. Agencies are offered traffic driving promotions with the upgrade to a premium listing.

Q. How do I get my agency's creative in the Creativity’s Work of the Day or weekly Top Five?

A. Learn more about how to submit work here. Creativity editors select the work of the day. By submitting creative work on a regular basis, you'll increase the likelihood of appearing on the site.  To submit work please complete the following form, be sure to include all credits for the ad, ads without full credits will not be considered. 

Upgrade Your Listing

Upgrading to a premium listing will provide you with unlimited creative examples and the ability to share a wealth of knowledge to the Advertising Age audience including: top executives, client list, note from agency leaders, an agency blog, twitter feed, areas of expertise and other insights into your agency culture and talent.